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You may use several methods to pay for purchases, both online and by mail, from anywhere in the world. Please note that all prices on this site are in US Dollars and this currency is used for online payments, the easiest way to order from Prophecy Arts. If you would like to order by mail, you'll need to convert prices into Australian dollars with our currency converter - more on this below.


Ordering Online

Payment is accepted online in US dollars with the online transaction service PayPal.

Paypal allows you to register your credit card (or US bank account for US residents) and create an online account with which you can transfer money using email addresses instead of bank account numbers. Prophecy Arts is equipped with PayPal shopping cart services which allows you to quickly and easily order online at any time. I have chosen PayPal because the service is widely known, accessible to most countries and allows credit card transactions without the expense of maintaining a website-specific secure server, the cost of which is prohibitive for smaller businesses such as mine. Using Paypal allows your order to be shipped faster and keeps costs down. You also have greater security and peace of mind through PayPal's Buyer Protection Policy - if you are unsatisfied with any transaction made with PayPal you can lodge a complaint and this is shown on the Seller's PayPal record. PayPal also has a Community Participation Scheme which is a simple record of the successful transaction a seller has made, giving additional reassurance to any potential buyers that the seller is bona fide. Please see PayPal's Security Center for more information.

If you don't have a PayPal account but would like to order from me using this service, you can join here:

To order items:

On each gallery page below an artwork there is a table with information and a variety of purchasing options, each of which has an "Add to Cart" logo. Simply click on this logo to order an item. This will bring up the Shopping Cart window which records your purchase requests. From this page you have the options of altering the number of items already ordered, returning to the page you ordered from and continue browsing the gallery, or continuing on to the checkout.

Once you've added all the items you'd like to order, you need to add shipping (and insurance if you desire) on the shipping and insurance page, which there is link to at the bottom of every gallery page.

You can then proceed to the checkout and complete the order process via the PayPal payment system. You will receive a confirmation email immediately from Paypal, and I will also send one to confirm both the receipt of funds and subsequently to inform you of the shipment of your order which in normal circumstances occurs within 48 hours. If you are sending an "e-check" via the PayPal system these usually take a further 4-5 days to clear.


Ordering by Mail

International payments accepted: Money Orders or Bank Drafts in Australian Dollars.

If you cannot or do not wish to use PayPal, I also accept International Money Orders or Bank Drafts in Australian Dollars only. I do not accept cash or any foreign denomination money order or cheque - the exchange costs are prohibitive. International Money orders in Australian Dollars are facilitated in the USA by Western Union and can be obtained from Banks & some Post Offices, Bank Drafts are available at most banks worldwide. Please be aware that in using this form of payment shipping takes around 2 weeks longer because the payment first has to arrive and then subsequently must clear with my bank (around 4-5 business days).

Payments accepted within Australia: Personal or Bank Cheques and Australian Money Orders in Australian Dollars.

If you are purchasing within Australia then the above forms of payment above are perfectly acceptable, though you are also welcome to use PayPal. Australian Money Order payments are cleared immediately upon receipt but personal cheques must clear with my bank (around 4-5 business days) before an order is shipped.

To order items

Firstly, use the Paypal shopping cart system to tally your order total without completing the final transaction stage. When you've added all items you'd like to purchase to your cart, go to the order form page which you can print out and copy the details from your shopping cart directly into. Don't forget to add shipping and insurance if you need it. Finally, go to the currency converter and convert the grand total into Australian Dollars, and enter the converted total on the order form. You will then need to procure the total in whatever payment method you prefer and send it with your order form to the address provided. Please also let me know via email or the enquiry form that you have sent a postal order so that I can look out for it. I will send you an email when I receive your payment and will in most circumstances post your order within 48 hours of funds arriving or clearing.

If you have any questions, please submit them via the enquiry form before sending payment!

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