Mats & Laminating

- Mats -

Example of Matted Print
Example of 11" x 14" mat with 8" x 11 1/2" window
Close up mat corner
Close up of mat corner with signature in metallic rainbow ink (ink colour chosen to harmonise with the dominant print colours)

A mat is a fabulous addition to a print and with one it's ready to slip right into a standard sized frame off the shelf! This can work out quite a lot cheaper than custom framing & matting. The mats I provide are made from quality Crescent "Antique White" colour mat board with a sturdy but slightly thinner cardboard backing behind the print.They come in two sizes, 11"x14" or 12"x16", and windows in the middle are hand cut to the exact print sizes which they frame. All Standard sized (A4) digital prints can be matted, and if you purchase mats for prints they will be shipped with the prints mounted and mats personally signed at the bottom right hand corner, ready to go straight into a picture frame. Mat prices also include a shipping component so your shipping charges do not need to be adjusted. If you are wishing to purchase multiple mats just add the number you wish to purchase in the shopping cart - however if you want to purchase less mats than prints, please make a note of which print(s) you would like matted!

11" x 14" mat

$4.99 ea.

add mat

12 "x 16" mat $5.99 ea. add mat



- Laminating -

Laminating a print is an even more economical option if you'd like to display your print in a more informal manner but still have it last a long, long time! Laminating is available for both Standard (A4) digital prints and larger A3 prints (only a few works are available in A3 size prints). Laminating, like mats, has shipping included with the price, and laminated prints may be shipped either flat or rolled. As with mats, if you are wishing to laminate multiple prints, just add the number you wish to laminate in the shopping cart - however if you do not want to laminate all prints you purchase, please make a note of which print(s) you would like laminated!


Standard (A4) digital print laminating

$1.99 ea.

add laminating

A3 print laminating $2.99 ea. add laminating




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