About the artist, Cassandra


I began to draw and paint pretty much as soon as I could walk. From a very early age I have spent most of my time sketching and constantly practising, and began working as an artist full time from 1993. I have since returned to study occasionally and have learned more in various disciplines such as life drawing studies, printmaking, photography, how to build my own canvas frames from scratch and mix rabbit skin glue gesso, to learning the more challenging technology with which you view this site today.

I enjoy painting and drawing in all forms and I am constantly switching from one medium to another, as each have different nuances and expressions which I love to explore. The content of my work also varies, with my inspiration being drawn from life, nature, dreams, experiences and the vision of other artists in the past and present as a sometime catalyst for creative expression in me. The human form is always inspiring: the beautiful curves of the human body are always a wonder to me and I never tire of expressing the soft curves of the female figure or the strength of the male with a few lines or more detailed brushstrokes. Currently I have been producing a series of still lifes inspired by the intricate shapes of Absinthe spoons and the culture surrounding this fin-de-siecle phenomenon.

I have studied formally in Perth, Western Australia in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Photography and Multimedia at Curtin University, Central Metropolitan College of TAFE and Edith Cowan University, and I have also studied Stone Lithography in Edinburgh, Scotland, at the Edinburgh Printmaker's Workshop. I have travelled the world five times over seeking inspiration and many of my artworks derive some of their content from memories and documentation of travels and journeys I have made.

For now, I reside permanently in Perth, Western Australia, as I have found my home town always the best place in the world to return to, with many wonderful friends and family here.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the artwork I have created over the years and will continue to create and add to this site, and maybe make a purchase or two to take a little of my world into yours for keeps.

Warmest Regards,


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